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We know that Computer Setup and Installation and Repair can be a daunting task. But don’t get worried or tensed if you don’t know how to set up or install a new device. So if you ever need assistance or help from the professionals and genuine technicians then you can reach out to the PhoneSquadGeekhelpdesk.

The exports available at the helpdesk will make your setup process much easier and glitch free with their impressive support and step by step assistance.

Now you can use most of the features of your Computer Setup and Installation and Repair as you have successfully completed the process of setting up. If you have any queries or issues on any of the setup process then you can reach out to the technicians available at PhoneSquadGeekfor instant assistance.

If your computer did not now don’t have the software or window programs then you need to install them as well.

Some important steps to Computer Setup and Installation easily

First step: one of the most important things is to unpack all the computer components

Based on the product company and model unpack all the components including mouse CPU keyboard monitor printer ups all speakers. We completely understand that all computer systems do not come with speakers and printers so if you have purchased them already then unpack them too.

Second step: unpack all the components of the computer at the desired place

In this step you have to place all the computer components and paths at the desired place. But please ensure that CPU has sufficient space for the trouble freedrift of air via fans. There are many CPU units that has the fans on top side or on both sides as well

Third step: make sure to connect the computer to theCPU unit

You need to connect the monitor to the CPU unit by plugging the monitor in one of the docksby using an HDMI cable and doplug one side of the cable on the unit of the CPU. After the completion of this step plug them in the control sources. There are many latest monitors that come with the VGA or HDMI cable outlets and there are few older types that have arisen with DVI cables. So, make sure to select the wires according to the docks.

4th step: Plug other Peripherals and devices

You have to plug in all the additional accessories and devices together with printer mouse speakers or keyboard beat it there are many keyboard and mouse that comes with PS2 connectors or USB cables. These connectors have the same colors as the mouse or keyboard sockets

5th step: make sure to connect all devices to a control source by using AC outlet

You have to connect your devices to a steady power source using UPS. As it helps in resolving the power surge issues

6th step: switch on the computer

After completion of the above mentioned steps you have to switch on the computer by pressing the power button on UPS and computer. If you have already selected thefunctioning systems then do follow some of the simple steps as shown on the desktop screen and click on every step according to your needs and requirements accomplish the first time setup process by generating a username andadded things.


The team available at PhoneSquadGeekhelpdesk is highly trained and well skilled in this field beaded they are quite known for doing a really good job with Computer Setup and Installation and Repairs and upgrades for your machines and devices. However if you want a good job with upgrades and repairs then you need to bring in your computer an equipment right into its stores for the best services so if in case you have opted for paying for their premium price total support plan for business the professionals will only reach you if it’s absolutely required.

We’re also experts in adding new network cards memory graphic cards as well as approaching systems so your workflow demeans flowing with full productivity.

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